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People who have lost their hair completely or regionally can have a hair transplant operation one or more times.

Hair transplant operation is a procedure that takes between 6 to 8 hours.

Hair transplantation is not a risky operation when it is performed by experienced specialist doctors and auxiliary personnel.

Hair transplant operation is not a painful procedure. Thanks to the techniques developed in hair transplantation operation, pain has been minimized to a minimum level. In this way, most of our patients have stated that they feel almost no pain.

Yes, hair transplantation is a safe operation. When the right clinic is preferred, it is one of the operations with the lowest number of complications

Zeynep Metin Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in hair transplantation operations. Our clinic with the latest technology combines with a luxury hotel and transfer service. As a result, patients receive a great and unique service.

Turkey has become the number one destination for health tourism, especially for hair transplant operations. Hair clinics in Turkey provide health insurance to all patients and the cost of hair transplantation is much lower than in other developed countries around the world. With advanced technology and expert staff, people find a permanent solution to hair loss. One of the most important reasons why people come to Turkey is that the best hair transplant results in the world are done in clinics in Turkey.

For our guests coming from other countries, we ask them to stay in Turkey for at least 2 nights. They can return to their own country on the 3rd day after the operation.

You can go out or work on the 3rd day after the operation. However, the instructions given to you by our specialist must be followed.

After the hair transplant operation, you should definitely protect the transplanted area from hard impacts.

As Zeynep Metin Clinic, this is one of the issues we pay the most importance to. Thanks to our expert physicians in the field, you will have a very natural and dense hairline.

Thanks to the specialists in the field, maximum grafts are taken without wearing the donor area and there will never be a scar. Zeynep Metin clinic is a reliable clinic in this regard.

The number of grafts varies according to each patient. The age of the patient, the openness of the transplantation area, the quality of the donor area and even the ethnic origin of the person cause changes. The correct planning is done through the photos sent by our patients to our clients.

The donor area is the area at the back of the head from one ear to the other ear. In cases where the nape area is insufficient, the part where the beard starts under the chin and reaches the trachea is considered as the 2nd donor area. 

You can only wash your body the day after the operation. In order to take a shower from your head, you need to wait for the 10th day (scab loss).

The use of pool, Turkish bath and spa is not recommended for 3 months.

You should be protected from the sun for 3 months after the operation or if you go out in the sun, high factor sunscreens should be used.

It can be used at the end of the 3rd month, especially for sun protection.

It is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out after the operation. After the 1st month, there is a condition called shock loss. Even if the transplanted hair falls out, the roots under the skin grow back more lush and healthier.

No, it is not taken, there may be a problem because the shampoo and lotion that should be used after the operation (10 days) violates the 100 ml rule. For this reason, you can bring 4*100 ml empty travel size bottles with you (to empty the shampoo / lotion) or you can buy baggage allowance.

Swelling is a possible condition. Do not worry, among the medications we give you, there are medications that will help you get rid of your oedema. In addition, ice can be applied to the swollen area every 10 minutes. Don't worry, it will go away in a few days.

The donor area can be cut with scissors one month after the operation and with a shaver 3 months after the operation. The transplantation area is cut only with scissors for 6 months. At the end of the 6th month, the use of shaving machine in the transplantation area is liberalized.

You should pay attention to the ingredients of the products you will use and make sure that they are natural products. You can ask for help from your consultant you are in contact with to resolve your question marks before use. They will meet with our experts and give you the most accurate information.

Since you should not exert too much effort after the operation, a period of 10 days is given for precautionary purposes.

You should wait 15 days after the operation to do sports. At the end of the 15th day, you can start brisk walks. After the 1st month, you can train.

Bandage is used for 3 days after the operation. It is not needed afterwards.

After the operation, you should sleep in a semi-sitting position with the neck pillow given to you in such a way that you do not hit the transplantation area anywhere. This period is 7 days in total.

We encourage our patients to take supplements after the 10th day of the operation. It has been proven that the use of vitamins after the operation helps the roots to grow faster.

You should wash it with the special shampoos given to you every day for 10 days after the operation (until the shell loss).

Prp can be done 1 month after the operation. It helps hair transplantation but there is no obligation.