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Leg Lift

The most definitive treatment for sagging of the leg skin that occurs in individuals is to have leg stretching surgery. It is a type of surgery with very successful results. Skin sagging caused by excess weight gain and loss, inactivity and fatty diet can be treated in this way.

Sterile operating room conditions are required for surgery. It is done by a specialist doctor. Excess skin is removed to remove sagging in the leg area. Thus, recovery and tightening is achieved after leg stretching surgery.

Due to reasons such as rapid weight gain or loss or excessive weight loss, sagging and cracks in the leg skin can be observed. This is particularly evident in the upper leg area. Leg lift surgery prices vary according to the area to be operated and whether additional procedures are performed. Sagging of the skin cannot be removed by other methods. For this reason, the most definitive method to be recommended to people would be surgical intervention.

Frequently asked Questions

Before the surgery, the leg skin is sagging. Even cracks are expected in places. This finding may occur after weight loss. Before making the decision for surgery, it is important to evaluate the person in detail and to investigate their suitability for surgery. It is recommended that you quit smoking, if you smoke, about two weeks before the surgery. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels. Therefore, the blood supply to the surgical site is impaired and healing is delayed. For this reason, as in all surgeries, quitting smoking before leg lift surgery allows you to recover faster.
It is very important to rest after this surgery, which is carried out in order to eliminate the sagging of the legs. You should rest for the time recommended by your doctor. Afterwards, it would be best to avoid heavy exercises. Avoiding heavy work that will strain your leg muscles until the healing is complete will allow the recovery to be completed faster. The recovery and tightening of your legs after leg lift surgery will be quite surprising and satisfying for you.
It is important to keep the seams clean after this operation. Otherwise, there is a risk of wound infection. It is necessary to rest for the specified time and avoid heavy exercise. You can return to your work life after about a week – 10 days. It is also normal to feel pain in the first few days. This is not unbearable pain. You can take painkillers with the recommendation of your doctor who performed the surgery. Not smoking after the surgery ensures a faster and smoother recovery.

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