Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation For Women

Hair transplantation For Women

Hair is one of the most important beauty criteria for women. Every woman wants dense, shiny and full hair. Hair significantly affects self-confidence. Hair loss in women has become a common problem at all ages and ethnicities. Many hereditary diseases and hormonal reasons play an active role in hair loss. In addition, certain hair styles, tight tying and incorrect hairdressing procedures also accelerate hair loss. This means a serious loss of self-confidence and well-being. Female hair transplantation is the most permanent and healthiest solution in the fight against hair loss. Thanks to the rapid recovery and natural results, women no longer worry about hair loss problems. Get support and detailed information about your hair loss from an expert in your native language at Zeynep Metin Clinic.

What causes hair loss in women?

The main causes of hair loss in women are genetic factors and hormonal imbalance. Apart from these reasons, hair loss in women can also be caused by androgenetic alopecia, lifestyle choices and traumatic events. Although hair loss seems to be a condition specific to men, it has recently become common in women. Hair loss in women is also common. Another reason is incorrect procedures, colour changes and tightly gathered hairstyles. Hair loss in women can make women feel less attractive. This can have a negative impact on mental health.

The most permanent solution to hair loss in women is hair transplantation. Hair Transplantation Procedure in Women Hair transplantation procedure in women is very similar to the hair transplantation procedure in men.

  • The first step before starting the operation is to conduct a comprehensive consultation and analysis to determine the cause of the loss and find the best treatment option. A natural hairline is drawn by the surgeon, taking into account your individual needs, with emphasis on density and naturalness.
  • Determining the donor area; The donor area from which the healthy hair follicles determined by your surgeon will be taken is determined. Since the transplantation area will not be shaved in women, unlike men, a small part of the donor area is usually shaved, which can be easily covered with the rest of the hair. This way, you can easily return to your daily life without knowing that you have transplanted.
  • Removing the roots with the help of the Fue method; Painless anaesthesia is applied to the determined donor area with the help of the Dermojet device. Grafts taken with zero pain and feeling are kept for implant.
  • Cultivation zone (receptive area); These grafts are implanted in the entire area to be transplanted, starting from the natural hairline drawn before.
  • Hair transplantation in women takes between 5 and 6 hours, depending on the technique and the number of grafts. The number of grafts is determined by the surgeon before the operation, depending on the size of the recipient area and the desired density.

If you are wondering which method is more suitable for you and contact us?

For us, every patient is special, which of course means that each patient’s hair is analysed individually and in detail by our experts. After the analysis, it is decided which modern technique is suitable for your hair transplantation, thus achieving perfect results. Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are two typical techniques used for hair transplantation in women. It is possible to perform unshaven hair transplantation with both techniques. Although they are similar in terms of hair follicle extraction, the transplantation techniques are different. In the FUE technique, hair follicles are placed one by one into small channels opened during the transplantation phase. In the Dhi technique, at this stage, the roots are placed in the Choi pen and transferred directly to the skin. High hair density is achieved with both methods.

What are the advantages of hair transplantation for women?

  • Minimum pain and discomfort thanks to the painless anaesthesia device used in the Fue technique
  • Almost no scar
  • A natural appearance and hairline
  • Having brighter and more voluminous hair than before
  • Faster recovery in the donor area and faster return to normal life
  • Other surgery Less risk of complications compared to operations.

Process after hair transplantation in women.

Generally, it is necessary to wait 6 months for visible results after hair transplantation. Post-operative care is very important. To prevent any irritation, direct sunlight should be avoided on the donor and transplantation area. You need to avoid harsh chemicals after surgery. You should regularly use the shampoo and medications prescribed by your surgeon and follow your surgeon’s after-care instructions to ensure healthy hair growth.

Why should you choose Zeynep Metin Clinic for Women's Hair Transplantation?

We always adapt our service to individual needs. The needs of women are different from men, especially in the field of hair transplantation. Although the type and area of hair loss varies, the most effective way to counteract it is hair transplantation. Our surgeons have over ten years of experience in the Dhi and Fue technique. We adopt the highest-level medical equipment and technology. We offer a comfortable service with helpful staff who speak your native language and can meet all your needs. We provide everything you need from the moment you land in Turkey. In our hair transplantation service, especially for women, VIP treatment is offered at very affordable costs. We have a very commendable success rate and positive comments from our customers who have chosen us. We offer the most reliable environment for medical tourists. Zeynep Metin Clinic, one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey for permanent and natural results, continues its service after surgery. You can be sure that we have made the whole process more convenient and comfortable for international patients. For our guests who will spend their recovery period in Turkey, Istanbul is an incredible city with a mixture of Eastern and Western influences. You can enjoy exploring this vibrant city while recovering from your hair transplant in Turkey.

How much will hair transplantation for women in Turkey cost you?

It is undeniable that Turkey is the first destination for hair transplantation. And as you know, one of the most important factors why Turkey is the best choice is professional expertise and affordable prices. Excellent results are achieved thanks to experienced specialists and high-quality hair transplantation techniques like those in our clinic.
Compared to Western countries, hair transplantation prices in Turkey decrease by 1/3. At Zeynep Metin Clinic, the prices of the all-inclusive hair transplantation package start from 2,000 euros. However, in order to calculate the full cost, you must send us pictures of your hair condition. After your pictures are analysed by our experts. A suitable price offer will be sent to you. Hair transplantation for women in Turkey is quite affordable, but this price does not mean that quality is compromised. The lower price is simply a result of the devaluation of the local currency and hence lower costs overall.

You have decided to have a female hair transplant at Zeynep Metin Clinic.
How Does the Process Work?

  1. You wanted to contact us through the form you filled out on the site. We will reach you from the phone number you wrote. After your pictures are analysed by our experts, you will have information that will enlighten you about female hair transplantation.
  2. We will create the most suitable date for you from our appointment reservation system. Once availability has been established, a deposit of 200 euros is required to confirm your appointment.
  3. From the moment you arrive in Turkey, our teams will meet you at the airport. Thanks to our VIP car service, you arrived at your hotel after a comfortable journey. After completing your check-in process, you can spend your day as you wish. (You can take a cultural tour of Istanbul and enjoy delicious food.)
  4. On the day of the operation, after having your breakfast at the luxury hotel, our drivers will be waiting to take you to the clinic. The moment you get out of the car, your native speaking client, who has been in contact with you from the very beginning, will meet you and accompany you throughout the day.
  5. The next day after the operation, our drivers will bring you to the clinic for follow-up and control. After receiving all the post-operative information and follow-up, you will be taken to the airport.
  6. As Zeynep Metin Clinic, we continue to provide you with consultancy after the operation. There are rules that must be followed during the post-operative recovery process. The rules given to you by experts should not be ignored. You can reach your client 24/7 when you have questions. Thank you for choosing Zeynep Metin Clinic

Frequently asked Questions

There may be more than one reason for hair loss in women. Achieving the desired hairline and density is possible with hair transplantation.

Hair loss in women may cause increased hair loss due to changes in hormones, especially during menopause. Hair transplantation helps reduce the frontal hairline in women and repair the sparseness in the area.

Since your scalp will be sensitive after hair transplantation, you should not use products that we do not recommend. You must follow the instructions given to you in order not to irritate the area and to get 100% efficiency from hair transplantation. You can read our detailed article on the hair transplantation blog.

It is one of the most obvious causes of hair loss in women. You may feel very stressed due to its psychological effect. Changes in your appearance affect you psychologically, hair is one of the most important beauty criteria of a woman. The increased self-confidence of our patients who have undergone surgery inspires other people around them who experience the same problems.

Yes, diet plays an important role in hair loss. Since it causes vitamin deficiency, it can prevent the nutrition of hair follicles.

Hair transplantation operation in women is the safest compared to other surgical aesthetic operations. At Zeynep Metin Clinic, you can have a comfortable surgery thanks to the teams specialised in hair transplantation in women.

It is true that when surgery is mentioned, it sounds like a scary and painful procedure. However, hair transplantation in women is considered a mild surgical operation since there is no incision or stitching required. Thanks to the improved technology, zero pain and sensation is felt with local anaesthesia. There is generally no pain after the operation.

The transplanted hair will not shed for the rest of your life. A successful hair transplant produces long-lasting results.


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Infrench Beauty
Infrench Beauty
Bonjour, mon frère à effectué la greffe de cheveux chez eux, et il est vraiment très content du résultat, avec les cheveux fins qu’il avait on avait plus d’espoir mais dr. Zeynep lui a redonné de l’espoir et on a réussi ensemble, très bonne équipe.
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Eddy Rosario
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Ezgi Berberoglu
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fathi benmaache
Coucou de Lyon pour tout l’équipe , Ca été un plaisir d’avoir effectué mon opération ( greffe de cheveux ) le 19/09/2023 , et sincèrement je n’aie rien à dire à part ( chapeau ) , Je suis à l’étape ( croûtes , dix jours après l’opération ) et pour le moment ca se passe très bien a ce niveau . Une équipe très professionnelle, rigoureuse , souriante et l’écoute . Un bâtiment très propre , Le transférer entre l’aéroport , hôtel et clinic bien ponctuel anecdotique des gens polie et souriant , Un hôtel en plein cœur d’Istanbul là où vous avez une très belle vue sur une grande partie de la ville , Au plaisir de revoir tout l’équipe .
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Veli Çınkı
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Jérome Régnier
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Can Etili
Dr. Zeynep and her staff are all very professional and really attentive to their patients!! They make sure to answer all your questions and concerns before and after the operation with regular follow up calls and PRP sessions.
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Zümra Apaydın
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